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Handmade Indian sweets "Mithai" are on sale ♪


What is Indian sweet "Mithai"?

"Mithai" means sweets in Hindi. There are various "Mithai" such as Gulab Jamun, which is known for its intense sweetness, Jalebi, a fried confectionery that is squeezed out and made.

Many of them have a strong sweetness, and there are also many Mithai that you can enjoy the sweet and refreshing aroma of spices such as cardamom and cinnamon.

Freshly handmade "Mithai" is delivered to the Ambika online shop by Fresh Cool Delivery(refrigerated). All the sweets are like gems made by Indian chefs in Japan. Please enjoy the deliciousness, sweetness and freshness that Ambika brings for you♪


Fresh Besan Laddu

《About Besan Laddu》

"Laddu" is also widely known for appearing in the Indian movie "ENGLISH VINGLISH". Laddu made by the main character played by Sridevi fascinated various people in the movie and attracted many audiences, and even made them hope to taste the authentic Laddu.

Laddu, which is made by combining chickpea flour (besan) with oil and butter, has the thickness of chickpeas and has a melting taste.
The deliciousness is similar to kinako (soybean flour) and also popular in Japan.



Fresh Kaju Katli 

《About Kaju Katli》

Kaju Katli is the Mithai which represents North India. As its name tells us, Kaju (cashew nuts) is the main ingredient.

Finely chopped cashew nuts are kneaded with green cardamom and sugar. Although it is sweet, you can enjoy the richness and aroma of cashew nuts and the refreshing flavor of cardamom.

It is a popular and perfect sweet as a souvenir from India because it is dry and lasts for a long time.


Fresh Coconut Barfi

《About Coconut Barfi》

Coconut Barfi, popular mainly in South India, is made by kneading plenty of coconut with sugar and cream and sprinkling with pistachios and almonds.

When chewed, the sweet and milky taste and the scent of coconut spread throughout the mouth. It is also common as a sweet to make during festivals and prayers.


Fresh Dry Fruits Burfi

《About Dry Fruits Burfi

This is an Indian sweet made by kneading plenty of pistachios, cashew nuts and almonds with dates and raisins and slicing them like salami. The poppy seeds around it give popping texture. It is a gem packed with the deliciousness of fruits and nuts. You can enjoy a marriage with wine as well as tea.


You can see the freshly made Indian sweets "Mithai" delivered by Ambika from HERE. Please enjoy it ♪


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