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Gluten-free RRRoti!

Roti (Chapati) made from Whole wheat flour (atta) is widely known as one of the best dish to be served with curries.
By the way, do you know Gluten-free roti made from atta of Millet (members of the family Poaceae (the grasses))? 

This time we introduce Jowar Roti, Bajra Roti and Ragi Roti.

■Jowar Roti 
Roti made from Jowar atta.
Jowar atta is also known as Sorghum flour, Takakibi powder.
※Check the Jowar atta→
jowar atta

■Bajra Roti 

Roti made from Bajra atta
Barja atta is also known as Pearl millet powder, Pennisetum glaucum powder.
※Check the Bajra atta→
bajra atta pearl millet

■Ragi Roti 

Roti made from Ragi atta.
Ragi Roti (Ragi Rotti) is widely known in Karnataka, South India. In Sikkim and Nepal, it is called Kodo Ko Roti, and there are also recipes like pancakes that are made with sugar instead of salt. When it is heated, the reddish-brown color becomes darker.
Ragi atta is also known as Finger millet powder, Eleusine coracana powder, Kodo powder.

※Check the Ragi atta→
kodo powder ragi

Ingredients for Gluten-free Roti

■ Jowar Roti... Jowar atta, Hot water, Jowar atta for stretching dough
■ Bajra Roti... Bajra atta, Hot water, salt, Bajra atta for stretching dough
■ Ragi Roti... Ragi atta, Hot water, salt, ghee or oil, Ragi atta for stretching dough
※for 3 pcs of roti, 1 cup atta and 3/4 cup hot water

How to make dough 1⃣ To put atta in hot water
① Boil water in a pot
② When it boils, turn off the heat, add atta (salt or sugar, ghee), and mix with chopsticks.
③ Cover the pan with a lid and wait for 5 minutes.
④ Once it's cooled, knead thoroughly in a bowl or on breadboard for about 5 minutes until smooth.
※Add a little atta or water (lukewarm water) as necessary

How to make dough 2⃣To pour hot water into atta
① Put ingredients other than hot water in a bowl or on breadboard.
② Add hot water or lukewarm water little by little in ① and mix with chopsticks 
③ When the ingredients are mixed and the dough is too hot to touch, wait for a while until it is cooled
④ Knead thoroughly for about 5 minutes until smooth.
※Add a little atta or water (lukewarm water) as necessary

How to cook Roti
⑤ Take the amount of 1 piece (a bit larger than a ping pong ball) and stretch it with a rolling pin (Belan) or stretch it by tapping with your hand.
⑥ Heat the frying pan and put the roti on the pan over medium heat (*)
 *On a frying pan, firstly put the roti and wait for about 10 seconds, then flip it. When the roti begins to puff up, press with a cloth and inflate evenly while moving the air. Then again flip the roti.
※When cooking Jowar Roti, before the first flip, you can moisten the surface (only one side) with a wet cloth or a pastry brush.
*Gluten-free atta is difficult to stretch compared to whole wheat atta. First, please try to stretch by dusting the roti with atta or stretch slowly with your hand. if it is still difficult to stretch, you can add 1/2 cup of wheat whole wheat atta and water. (Then the roti is non gluten -free)

■Kodo Ko Roti (pancake of Ragi atta)

Ragi atta, Hot water, Sugar, Ghee or Butter (for cooking)
How to make
① Put Ragi atta, sugar in a bowl. Add Hot or Lukewarm water to it little by little and mix.
② Make a loose dough (thicker than the crepe dough), and leave for 5-10 minutes.
③ Heat a frying pan over medium heat and add ghee when it warms up.
④ Once the ghee has melted, spread the dough thinly in the frying pan (you can cover with lid if you like)
⑤ Turn it over when the color around the dough changes and cooked enough to turn it over.
⑥ Cook the both sides well, then Kodo ko roti is ready to serve! Serve with curry, pickles (Achar) and chutney♪

You can enjoy the taste and flavor of each gluten-free atta.
For those who want to incorporate gluten-free into their lives, those who want to enjoy flavorful roti with friends, those who want to replicate the authentic taste that was discovered while traveling... Please try it!

**Apply ghee or butter if you like**


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