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Beat the Heat! Nimbu Pani, Shikanji and Sharbat!

Rainy season ended much earlier than expected and Hot long summer started...
Let's beat the heat with popular summer drinks of India!

Nimbu Pani / Shinaji🍋
Some people call these drinks 'Indian Lemonade' and these are popular summer drinks!
Nimbu means 'Lemon', and Pani means 'Water' in Hindi.
When you visit India in summer, you often bump into Nimbu Pani stalls on the street.
In India, Lime is also used for Nimbu Pani / Shikanji.
(Taste of lime is more similar to Indian lemon than Japanese lemon)

Basic ingredients are...
-Juice of Lemon / Lime
-Water (chilled)
However, there are numerous recipes using other ingredients such as Kala Namak, Chat Masala, Ground Cumin, Black Pepper, Mint etc.
Jaggery, Honey, Powder Sugar are sometimes used instead of Sugar.

[How to make]
1. Mix the 1tbsp of Lemon/Lime juice and 1tbsp of Sugar in a glass till the sugar totally dissolves.
2. Pour 200ml of Chilled Water into the glass and mix well with the sweet Lemon/Lime juice
3. Add 1 pinch of Kala Namak or Chat Masala and mix well
*You can enjoy Nimbu Soda by using soda instead of water
**Sweet Nimbu Pani without salt or masala is also popular specially among kids
***Nimbu Soda using Lime juice, Soda, Liquid Sweetener and Kala Namak, tastes like Limca!

Various theories exist, however, it is said that Sharbat originated in Iran and was introduced to India in the 16th century.
Here's the most popular sharbat recipe in North India...

[How to make]
1. Pour chilled water and Rooh Afza in a glass and mix well! Done!
* You can also make with Rooh Afza and milk 

Other than Rooh Afza, you can use Rose Water, Tamarind, Watermelon, Mango, Coconuts and many more ingredients!

Let's get through this hot and long summer with these perfect summer coolers!!!


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