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Panch Phoron -Blend of 5 aromatic spices-

Panch Phoron is a whole spice blend and popularly used in Bengali cuisine.
Would you like to make a homemade mixed spice with Ambika spices?

Meaning of Panch Phoron
Panch means "5" , and Phoron means "Spice (mostly the spices for tempering)".

Basic ingredients for Panch Phoron
Cumin Seed (Cumin Whole)
Brown Mustard Seed
Nigella Seed (Balck Onion Seed)
Fennel Seed
Methi Seed (Fenugreek Whole)

How to make Panch Phoron
Mix the 5 spices by the same amount. That's all!
If you feel it is too bitter when fried, you can reduce the amount of Methi Seed slightly.

Potato Sabzi using Panch Phoron
- Panch Phoron  1 teaspoon
- Oil or Ghee  1.5-2 tablespoon
- 2 Potatoes   (Medium size and Cut into bite-sized pieces)
★ Turmeric Powder  1/2 teaspoon
★ Red chili powder  1/3 to 1/2 teaspoon *Please adjust to your liking 
★ Salt  1/2 teaspoon * * Please adjust to your liking

How to cook
(1) Pour Oil (or Ghee) to the frying pan and turn on the stove (Medium low to Medium heat) 
(2) Add Panch Phoron and stir-fry until it starts to sizzle (Be careful not to burn)
(3) Add potatoes
(4) Add ★ingredients and mix well, then cover with lid and cook for 10-15 minutes on low heat
(5) Remove the lid and check the potatoes. If potatoes are fully cooked, it is ready!
* You can add 1-2 green chili if you like
* Potato slice of 5mm to 1cm is also nice
* Adding 1 pinch of Amchur Powder at (5) is also nice

aloo sabzi

Panch Phoron goes well with vegetables, seafood and you can use for curry, fried dishes and achar (Indian pickles)♪
Enjoy bitter, sweet, savory flavors and unique texture of whole spices!

You must try it✨


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