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Let’s enjoy Sweet Winter Treat! Chaat and Halwa🍠

Sweet potato is a great vegetable that makes us feel warm in the cold winter🍠
Sweet Potato entertains us in various ways like Baked (Yaki-imo), Steamed (Fukashi-imo) and Dried (Hoshi-imo)..
During the winter in Northern India, people enjoy sweet potato in different ways.
Let's try a new taste and fully enjoy this winter!!!

■ Sweet Potato Chaat (Shakarkandi Ki Chaat)

① Cut the peeled & steamed potatoes or baked potatoes into bite size pieces.
②Add Cumin powder, Kala Namak, Lemon Juice to the sweet potatoes and mix well... and Eat!
※Other recommended seasoning…
 ◇Chat Masala, Lemon juice
 ◇Sandwich Masala, Lemon juice
 ◇Cumin Powder, Amchur Powder, Lemon juice
◆ If you want spiciness, you can add Red Chili Powder as you like

■ Sweet Potato Halwa (Shakarkandi Ka Halwa)

① Mash the peeled & steamed potatoes or baked potatoes
② Put the frying pan on fire, then add Ghee and melt it
③ Add ① sweet potato, and stir-fry for 3-4 minutes
※Be careful not to burn the fire
④ Add Sugar (as much as you like) and milk, and stir until the sugar melts
⑤ Add Green Cardamom Powder and your favorite nuts, and fry for another 1-2 minutes.
※ You can enjoy with Puri or Paratha!

Please try these Salty-Sour-Spicy Chaat and Sweet-Ghee & Cardamom flavored Halwa!

If you have no sweet potato at home or don't like it much, then you can try with Pumpkin!


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