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About shopping method

Find a product

Method 1. Search from category

From the main menu "Product Category" of the main menu displayed at the top, you can search for products by clicking on the category name you are concerned about from the category list displayed on each page.

Method 2. Search and search

You can search the product you are looking for by keywords. Enter the product name or keyword in the search pane displayed on the top page or product page, and click the "Search" button on the right to display the appropriate product. Or the top main menu You can also search from the search frame that appears when you click the Begin Masane icon.

Add product to cart

The product is added by clicking the "Add to Cart" button on the product list page or the product details page. If you want to set the number in advance and put it in the cart, click [Add to Cart "button on the product detail page button Click the" Add to Cart "button.

Check the cart

Method 1. Confirm in list display

If you mouse over the top of the main menu displayed at the top, the content of the product placed in the cart is listed in the pop-up window.

Method 2. Open the cart and check

When you click the "View Cart" button at the bottom of the pop-up window right, the contents of the shopping cart will be displayed on the entire surface.

Change / Cancel purchase content

1. Open a shopping cart

Mouse over to the top of the main menu displayed at the top and click on the "Cart view" button to open the shopping cart.

2. Change / delete contents

Change of quantity, change the number in "quantity" column of each product. If you want to remove the product from your cart, click the x icon in the Delete column. After changing or deleting, click "Update the cart" at the bottom of the page. Changes to the cart are correctly reflected.

※ If you want to delete the product from the cart, in the product list of the pop-up window that mouse over and appear on the cart icon, you can delete the product by clicking the x button next to the product. .

Purchase procedure

1. Open a shopping cart

Mouse over to the top of the main menu displayed at the top and click "View Cart" to open the shopping cart.
If you are using a point or coupon, please enter the contents corresponding to the lower use point input field and the coupon code input field. In detailHere
If there is no problem with the content you want to buy, click "To Purchase Procedure" at the bottom of the page.

2. Go to the purchase procedure

Click "Go to Purchase Procedure" in "Step 1: Purchase Procedure" on the "Purchase Procedure" page.

3. Confirmation of billing address and delivery address

"Step 2: Billing / Shipping address", check the displayed address and click "Use this address" if there is no problem.

If you wish to change, click here to change the registration address, click the link from "My Account" and change the registration information. After changing, please purchase the purchase procedure again in order from "1: Open the shopping cart".

4. Designation of delivery other day

Step 3: Specify the delivery date and time in the Delivery Date. Then click on "Go to Purchase Procedure".

※ Delivery date can not be specified on our shipping system except for the date and time you can select in pull-down.

Choose a payment method

If there is no problem with your order, select "Cash on delivery" or "Paypal site via Paypal site" in the field of "Please select payment method".

Method 1: Buy by Cash on delivery

1. Select cash on delivery

Make sure that "Cash on delivery" is selected and click "Confirm your order" to complete the order.

2. Complete shopping

When complete, the "Delivery" page is displayed. [Thank you for ordering] with the email address of registration againYou will receive a purchase completion email.

※ When ordering completes successfully, you can check the order history of my account.If you do not receive an email, or if it is not in the history, your order has an error.Please try your order again. ※ Please inquire from our inquiry form for unknown points.

Method 2: Buy with Credit Card

Select a payment with a credit card in the "purchase" screen, please click on the "By placing your order" button at the bottom right. Then proceed with the information displayed on the screen.
If you have any questions about the purchase method of your credit card,HerePlease contact the following address from or below.

Customer Support

If the product arrives

When the product arrives, it is opened immediately and purchase completion mail sent from us when ordering (subject [Thank you for ordering])
In addition, please check the difference between the contents described in the enclosed "delivery book" and the content.

Free shipping benefits (for purchase over 5,999 yen)

Only customers who purchased 5,999 yen (tax included) are free of shipping. If free shipping, you can check it in the Purchase procedure "Step 4: Select Payment".

However, if you purchased a product that can be shipped by a courier service and a coal-courier target product (refrigerated and frozen product) together, it is not the total amount of purchase price,It is only when the purchase price of the product, refrigeration products, frozen products, and 5,999 yen (tax included) can be normal shipped.

With regard to delivery to Okinawa Prefecture, it will not apply free shipping even if you purchase more than 5,999 yen. Please note.

※ The amount of special campaign execution period may differ.

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