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About point / coupon use

Earn points

You can earn points each time you purchase. You will earn 1 point per purchase price of 100 yen (tax included).
The purchase completion email delivered to the registered email address contains the acquisition point. In addition, it will be 5 days after acquisition that you can use the acquired points.

About point expiration date

The expiration date of the point will be one year from the last order date.
The expiration date of the points acquired over a year ago will also be one year from the final order date.
If there is no order and one year has passed, the point will be automatically set to "0". Please note that the expired point has recovered.

Check available points

Method 1. Confirm with My Account

If you view the My Account after login, you will see the available points in the upper right.

Method 2. Check with shopping cart

Mouse over to the top main menu rightmost cart icon and click "View Cart" to open the shopping cart. Available points are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Use points

1. Open a cart

Mouse over to the top of the main menu displayed at the top and click "View Cart" to open the shopping cart.

2. Enter a point

Enter the number of points to use for the lower "number of point number" at the bottom, and click "Use points" on the right.

3. Select a cart that uses points

A pop-up that selects a cart to use a point is displayed. Select and click "Use Point".

※ It will be displayed in this way as it is calculated as a separate cart at the same time as a regular flight product and a cool service product. The amount of money to be advantageous at the point is the same if you choose which one.

4. Points are reflected

The number of points entered in the shopping cart "Usage point" is reflected in the shopping cart. After that, please proceed to the purchase procedure as usual.

Check point history

After logging in, display the My Account, and click the "Point History" tab to see the acquisition history of the point.

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