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Return / Exchange, Other

If the product arrives

When the product arrives, it is opened immediately and purchase completion mail sent from our company when ordering (subject [Thank you for ordering]) Also check the difference between the contents described in the enclosed "delivery book" and the content that does not break .

About return / exchange

In principle, it can not be returned or exchanged. Please open it as soon as the product arrives, and check for the difference between your order and damage. As an exception, it can be returned or exchanged only if there is a defect in the product or if a product different from your order has arrived. Even in this case, we can not return or exchange products with scratches and dirt at the product and customer's responsibility once used.

If the exception applies, within 2 days after arrival of the productsupport@ambikamail.comThank you for your application. Returns and exchanges can not be accepted when the above application deadline has passed.

If you contact the above contact, we will contact you by email from our personnel.
The product return destination is as follows if you want to contact and advance the return procedure.

Return address:
3-19-2 Ambica House 3F before Tokyo
Ambica Corporation Inc. Online Return Support

In addition, the shipping cost required for return / exchange will be borne by our company.
However, if you would like to ship with a replacement product to a destination different from the time of purchase, please note that you will be charged for shipping.

About Customer Support

"User Guide""FAQIf you do not find the appropriate content, please contact us from this inquiry form.

About packing at delivery

As part of eco-activity, we are promoting recycling (reuse) of packaging materials (cardboard, paper bags, etc.) used for shipping customer purchase products.
Some things may contain bad things, etc., but pay the best attention such as excluding unsanitary things, and be sure to affect the quality and freshness of the product.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

About the expiration date of the product

Products will deliver products for more than 2 months to the remaining expiration date.
If you would like to consult with a large number of orderssupport@ambikamail.comPlease contact us.

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