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About delivery / shipping

About delivery method

In order to enjoy the products you purchased with peace of mind, we will ship separately for products that can be shipped by courier service (refrigerated and frozen products) at the same time in order to enjoy the purchased products. It is. Please note that shipping costs will occur, so please be careful when ordering.

About the number of days until delivery

Orders are closed at 10 am every day.
Order accepted by 10 am will ship the day. (Except for weekends and holidays)
After that, it will be delivered to the customer at about 1 to 3 days depending on the area.
※ It comes out with the date and time setting (pull-down expression) when orderingThe first day is the shortest delivery datePlease refer to it.

[Delivery example 1] ※ In the case of the Kanto area
Order from 10 am (Tuesday) 1st shipping on the day
2nd (Wednesday) Delivery to your hand

[Delivery example 2] ※ In the case of the Kanto area
Order after 10 am (Fri) is shipped on the next business day
5th (Saturday) holiday
6th (Sun) holiday
Shipping 7th (Mon) shipping
8th (Tuesday) Delivery to your hand

※ Delivery is Hokkaido area, Shikoku area, China area, Kyushu area "2 days after shipment", Okinawa area and remote island take place 3 days after shipment.
※ If there is corruption or shortage after ordering, the schedule is changed.
※ We may not deliver to date and time of designated date and time depending on the delivery area and transportation status.
※ Even if you have time to deliver, it will handle data immediately and take part delivery.Content change after the order is not accepted, Please check the contents before payment.

about shipping cost

Please refer to the following for shipping costs. It is the amount of consumption tax.
In the case of payment in cash on delivery, please note that another departure fee (330 yen) will occur.

※ The amount of special campaign execution period may differ.

Free shipping benefits (for purchase over 5,999 yen)

Only customers who purchased 5,999 yen (tax included) are free of shipping. If free shipping, you can check it in the Purchase procedure "Step 4: Select Payment".

However, if you purchased a product that can be shipped by a courier service and a coal-courier target product (refrigerated and frozen product) together, it is not the total amount of purchase price,It is only when the purchase price of the product, refrigeration products, frozen products, and 5,999 yen (tax included) can be normal shipped.

With regard to delivery to Okinawa Prefecture, it will not apply free shipping even if you purchase more than 5,999 yen. Please note.

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