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【Please confirm】 About separate service delivery of goods

◆ Please check according to the shopping before shopping ◆

About the influence on delivery by new coronavirus

Thank you for always using Ambica Online Shop.

【Regarding delivery】
For some normal temperature products, with other products and purchased together, due to the storage warehouseDelivered by separation of different shipping companiesThere is something.
Therefore, even if you would like to give time to deliver timeThere is a possibility that the delivery time may come out for each box.

※ For products delivered by separately, please check it on the product detail page.
※ We will deliver the product of delivery and payment by separately separately, and we will deliver the delivery book and payment into "one" luggage.
Frozen products will be delivered separately as well.
※ Depending on the content of the purchased product, it will be delivered to three flights.

We will check your customers beforehand and accept them.

If there is something unknown,"Inquiry form"Please contact me.

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