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About the influence on delivery by new coronavirus

◆ Please check again here ◆

Thank you for always using Ambica Online Shop.
As a measure against preventing infection expansion of new coronavirus, we currently respond in a limited environment in a limited environment.
I think that there is an inadequate point, but we would like to understand and cooperate with our customers.

Currently, in this online shop, we changed the number of days from orders to shipping due to the impact of preventing infection expansion of new coronavirus.In order to support your stay home life, we have improved the schedule to ship.
Usually "shipping after 1 business day" → after change "shipment after 2-3 business days"→ After improvement, the order from 10 o'clock is shipped on the day.
※ It takes about 1 to 3 days from shipment delivery.(→Please confirm from here) The actual deliverable day can be selected and checked in "Pull-down when ordering".

【Please for the speed of speed】
Content change of order after completing ordering can not be accepted.(Change the settlement method, add, delete products, one order to one order)
Please check the contents once before the order confirmation.
Also, change the arrival date and time from the absence vote.

◆ Delivery date of order can not be specified except when you can select it in pull-down.
Please note that you will be invalid for your message.
◆ In addition, it may not be possible to deliver it to the time of delivery due to the lack of concentration and delivery personnel.
◆ In the future, the delivery schedule may change depending on the situation.

【About inquiry to support desk】
As the inquiry is very concentrated, calls for telephone calls.
Mail or
"Inquiry form"Please use it.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Ambica Online Shop April 02, 2020


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