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About receipt of mail sent from us

◆ Please check this as before before the shopping ◆
【Please confirm】 About separate service delivery of goods

We have received a report that does not reach an email from this online shop, focusing on free email.
· Hot mail (such as
• Apple Mail (,, etc.)
· Yahoo! Mail ( etc)
· Gmail (

※ Especially Hotmail (such as hot mail @ / @ and Outlook (outlook, there are many situations where mail is difficult to reach by strengthening the filter.
[About matter that does not reach mail]
Depending on your mailer, the security has been enhanced by the update and the email that has been received so far may be treated as spam, and in some cases it is not to be distributed to the spam mailbo box, but not immediately discarded. It seems that there is. (Because there is a link in the email, for a reasons for fixed form statements)

It may be improved by reviewing your email settings or receive environment.
Please refer to the following (an example of a general solution)
※ Please contact your mailer issuer for detailed settings.
● How to change
1. Change the reception intensity setting of spam mail. (In the case of strength → to standard)
2. Add "@" "@" to the receiving permission list.
In addition, "Mobile mail only permission" or "URL-attached mail does not receive"
Please check if it is not set to.
● Try to use other email addresses if possible
→ Please change the e-mail address from My Page account information after login.
After changing, a confirmation email that has changed immediately to the registered e-mail address.

Subject: Account Modification Done.
Send: From
As mentioned above, we apologize for the inconvenience to customers, but please confirm.

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