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[Thanks] Distribution of the 2022 calendar has ended!


Calendar gifts at the online shop have ended.

Thank you for receiving a lot !! !! !!

Enjoy Indian sweets and the year 2022 ♪

2022 Ambika Calendar MITHAI of INDIA is available now!
If you order Dry (Normal temperature) item(s), 

You can get 1 copy as a free gift !!!


To get this FreeGift,Add 1 to your cart!

If you want 2 or more, you can buy!

※Free gift is 1 copy for 1 order.

If you add 2 or more, it will be charged 199 yen per copy.
For example, 3 calendars in cart, 1 is free of cost, 2 will be charged 199yen per copy.

Click to check gifts ↓

SIZE:  W29.7cm H21 cm (A4 size when folded) 
       ※W29.7cm  H42cm when hung)


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