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Chapati Easy Indian Thin Baked Bread

Round and thin bread eaten every day at home in India. Since it is much smaller than Nan, it is recommended for those who want to eat curry if you want to eat a lot of curry. It is tendency to think that "it seems to be very difficult to wear flour ...", but the time required is about 20 minutes. If you make it, I will surely indicate more fun!


Ata (wheat all grain flour)
One cup
70-80 cc
1/2 teaspoon


1. Put ata, salt in a bowl and mix while adding water little by little.

2. If the earlobe is firm, take a dough for 10 minutes, and round 5 to 6, etc.

3. Stretch a circle of palm with a rolling pin while holding powder flour

* Powder appropriately while stretching.
* Improve with a slightness of dumplings. By increasing evenly, it swells beautifully when baking.

4. Warm a frying pan and bake on the fabric stretched up. If you can expand it, press the part with a cloth and move it without moving the air. Then bake it over.

* We recommend using a thick frying pan uniformly to communicate heat uniformly.

5. Hold down the fabric with a fabric, and bake it without it.

* If you bake for a long time on a low heat, the fabric will dry too much, so let's bake at all over medium heat.

6. Apply Gee and serve the bowl

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