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Mango Lassi ~Fruity & Rich Indian Yogurt Drink~

Mango Lassi is popular in Japan. By using mango pulp, you can enjoy rich and authentic taste! You don't need to add sugar as Mango pulp is sweet enough. (you can add if you want though)  Mango Lassi is easy to make, just keep in mind to mix the ingredients well with a whisk until smooth!


Mango pulp
4 tablespoons
2 tablespoons


1. Mix yogurt with a whisk until smooth, then add water, sugar and mix again.

* You can enjoy delicious lassi even without sugar. If you do not add sugar, increase the mango pulp to 5 tablespoons.

2. Add Mango Pulp and mix.

3. Pour lassi into a glass with ice and add the mango pulp in the center.

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