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About Ambika Corporation

Ambika Corporation is the importer/supplier in Japan that imports the fine quality food products from India and all over the world and sells to companies, restaurants, grocery shops and retail customers. Since 1998, Ambika has grown into the largest spice supplier with more than 4000 business clients. The company owns 3 Ambika Veg & Vegan Shops in Kuramae, Nishikasai and Shin-Okubo, and 1 Online Shop which is chosen by numerous customers all over Japan.
Ambika’s vegetarian specialty food lineup has a range of more than 500 products, such as spices, dried herbs, beans, flours, oils, nuts, seasonings and Indian wines. Lately the company has added a range of Vegan products and self-developed products such as Ambika original ready-to-eat curries and juices.

Brand concept

"Bringing India Closer"

Ambika introduces the diverse Indian food culture - from popular Indian dishes in Japan to the ingredients known to those in the know – and delivers the delightful taste, good health, pleasures, surprises to the customers. Ambika is always challenging the best.


"To create joyful times for lovers of Indian food"


1. PEOPLE- our pride
We at Ambika value diversity and gather wisdom from everyone – our team, customers, partners, and community - to serve better.

2. FOOD - our passion
We offer delicious and nutritious food at its best - source and select the finest ingredients and process them with loving care.

3. SUSTAINABILITY - our strength
We are your trusted partner in business growth - continuously redefining value, and convenience at every step of the value chain.


"Ambika‘s 5 Values : Our belief that drives us to deliver our best"

· People-first
· Passionate
· Positive
· Proactive
· Purpose

Ambika Corporation Co., Ltd.
Hingarh Nitin

Company overview

August 1998
Company name
Ambika Corporation Co., Ltd.
Hingarh Nitin, President
Ambika House, 3-19-2 Kuramae, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Business description
Production and sales of commercial and consumer ingredients, wholesale, retail and juice beverage
¥ 15 million
Fiscal year-end
Banking relations
SUMITOMO MITSUI BANKING CORPORATION, MUFG Bank, Ltd., Resona Bank,Ltd., Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
40 people (as of July 2021)

Company History

Established Ambika Trading Company, Started importing and selling Indian spices
Started sales to Indian restaurants all over Japan
Established Ambika Health Care in Mumbai, India
Newly establishment of Ambika House (Headquarter building) and Opened Ambika Shop
Started sales of our original brand Alfonso Mango Drink for Japanese consumers
Started sales of original brand retort curry for Japanese consumers
Established Overseas department, Started sales of wholesale ingredients
Expanded sales of wholesale ingredients to Japanese trading companies
Acquired ISO9001: 2008 certification (Returned in 2016)
Ambika Health Care changed company name to Ambika Global Foods and Beverages Pvt. Ltd.
Started outsourcing the warehouse and shipping operations to Hitachi Transport System, Ltd.
Acquired Indiana Green Foods Inc. as wholly owned subsidiary
Newly establishment of West Japan Salas Office
Started sales of commodity products such as Japanese rice, American rice and wheat
The 20th Ambika Anniversary
Participated in an exhibition of wine titled "Vins et Voyages!" at Isetan Shinjuku
Started operation of Sapporo Warehouse in Hokkaido
April: Ambika Trading Company changed company name to Ambika Corporation
May: Opened Ambika Veg & Vegan Shop Nishikasai
February: Opened Ambika Veg & Vegan Shop Shin-Okubo
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