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Greeting from President

Nitin Hingarh

In 1998, we established Ambika Corporation with the enthusiasm that "we want to introduce the food culture of India to Japan." Since then, we have been based in both countries and expanding sales channels centering on wholesale business while committed to providing the fine quality products.

The number of inquiries from customers and media exponentially increased compared to the time of our establishment, and we have realized that people’s interest in Indian food culture has grown significantly over the recent years. However, it is also true that there are still quite a few unknown aspects and the concept of ‘Eat well to be well’ related to Ayurveda and Yoga became well-known in Japan just recently. Meanwhile, we believe our mission is to introduce/provide authentic Indian ingredients to the people who aspire to genuine foods in Japan.

Through the experiences in the food industry, I was able to find and encounter various fine quality ingredients. As a vegetarian, myself, I can recommend our products to those who are food and health conscious and those who search for Halal food or Vegan food.

We set our goals;

1. To spread the beauty, charm, attraction of authentic Indian ingredients through our products and information

2. To support the customers in leading a healthy and fulfilling life through our food culture

And we promise to keep challenging to achieve our goals and to deliver the safe and fine products with our passion we always have since our establishment.

Ambika Corporation Co., Ltd.

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