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Country of origin
raw materials
Salt, mango, cumin, cucumber, black pepper, mint, pomegranate, carway, hyowan, red chili, ginger, clove / citric acid
Allergic substances contained in raw materials

Allergic substance contained in raw materials (28 items): Not applicable
In this product factory, we produce products including wheat, soba, sesame and soy.

(13052) (RAJ) Indian Mix Spices Chat Masala 500g (Salada Seasoning Powder)
Name: Mix Spice
Nutritional component display (per 100g)
Heat quantity: 381 kcal
Protein: 6.6 g
Lipality: 5.4 g
Carbohydrate: 76.6 g
Salt equivalent: 3.5 g
Shipping method
Normal service (Sagawa Express)

※ It can not be bundled with frozen and fresh refrigerated flight
※ Please order after confirmation of "shipping day" and "scheduled delivery date" at the settlement step.
The storage period in the delivery company is eight days including the first delivery date.
Preservation method
Store in a cool place avoiding direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity. After opening, please use it as soon as possible.

● India snack & NBSP; Recipe ● ※ Japanese recipe behind the package is listed in Japanese
How to make Yam Tam Chart (Potato Spy Seas Nak) (Cooking Time: about 12 minutes) 4 people
Ingredients: 4 (about 300 g), Tamarind paste Oto 1.5, fresh mint 4-5 branches, chat Masala (text) Koji 3, Tomatoke Chap Verb 1, fried oil accumulation
[How to make]
1. Boil the potato and cut it into about 2-3 cm and fry it with plenty of oil.
2. Add a tamarind paste, a shredded mint, this product, tomato ketchup to the above 1 potatoes and mix them well.
※ Potato is fried and boiled with boiled. It is OK using commercially available fried potatoes.
※ It is delicious to top with Namken's Buziacev and Yogurt on the finish.
※ If you can not get raw mint, you can use the dry and raw shiso to be delicious. Please adjust the amount.

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