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Country of origin
raw materials
Rice  Multiple raw material rice (100% from India)
Allergic substances contained in raw materials
Shipping method
Normal service (Sagawa Express)

※ It can not be bundled with frozen and fresh refrigerated flight
※ Please order after confirmation of "shipping day" and "scheduled delivery date" at the settlement step.
The storage period in the delivery company is eight days including the first delivery date.
Preservation method
Basmati rice has long and thin grains that are easy to break, so be careful not to grind it. Let's wash it quickly by turning it in plenty of water. After washing, soak it in water for a few minutes (do not soak it too much), and cook it in a rice cooker with ordinary Japanese rice. The point is to steam it well.
> If you drip some oil before cooking or sprinkle ghee on the cooked rice and mix it, the rice will not dry and you can keep it moist.
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