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Country of origin
raw materials
Cinnamon, black pepper, cardamon, red chili, clove, carway, em
Allergic substances contained in raw materials
Shipping method
Normal service (Sagawa Express)

※ It can not be bundled with frozen and fresh refrigerated flight
※ Please order after confirmation of "shipping day" and "scheduled delivery date" at the settlement step.
The storage period in the delivery company is eight days including the first delivery date.
Preservation method
Store in a cool place avoiding direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity. After opening, please use it as soon as possible.

● Easy recipe ● "Easy edition cooked rice style biriyani" ※ Japanese recipe is included on the back of the package
1. Erupt 200 g of white rice in water for 30 minutes.
2. Stir fry 2 pieces of green onion 200 g and 2 pieces of green onion with 30 g of oil.
Cut the 3.150g meat and fry it.
4. Put 1 rice and biriyanimasara 5g in a large pot and mix well.
5. Add 2 and 3 to 4 and add twice the amount of rice, and then the lid and steam until the water evaporates. If you cook and cook it will be done.
※ This is a simple cooked rice style biriyani recipe.
※ Meat is panile cheese It will be delicious even if it changes. If you are Vegetarian, please try it!

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