Ambika July Seasonal Offer - 50% off on Biryani Masala

[Starting July 10th!]
If you're buying basmati rice, why not try Ambika Biryani Masala as well?
Just buy 5kg of basmati rice and get half off the biryani masala!

(Ambika)Biryani Masala 100g
Recipes available!→-Biryani recipe 
◆July Ambika Seasonal Sale◆
Period: July 10th (Wed) to July 17th (Wed), 2024
Discount conditions: For every 5kg of eligible basmati rice purchased, you can get 1 Ambika Biryani Masala at 50% off!!!

* Up to 10 items can be discounted per purchase.
* The discount will be applied when purchasing one 5kg basmati rice and one biryani masala in the same cart.
* Coupons and other discount services cannot be used together. (Product discounts and free shipping services will be applied.) Please note.


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