Seasonal Sale June - Instant Food & Ready to Eat

[Starts on June 11th! ]
This is the season when the weather is uncertain. Let's shop for great deals on retort curry and instant products that you can stock up on♪

◆Instant food sale♪◆
◆Period: Shopping from June 11th (Tuesday) to June 18th (Tuesday), 2024
◆Conditions: Get a 10% discount when you purchase 5 or more eligible items from the "Seasonal Sale June Instant Food" sale venue! Mix and match types, unlimited quantity!

Discount applies only to products at this venue. Discounts will be applied when purchasing in the same cart.

Coupons and other discount services cannot be used together. If used together, either discount will not be applied. (Discounts on special items and free shipping services apply). Please note.



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【ギッツ】 ドーサ ミックス 200g インドの軽食
【ギッツ】 ベジビリヤニ 265g 温めてすぐ食べられる レトルト ビリヤニ
【桜井食品】ベジタリアンラーメン (しょうゆ) 100g