Fresh Mango Kesar (Small Case)

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・Please purchase fresh mangoes in a separate cart from other items and purchase mangoes separately.
・Fresh mangoes cannot be shipped together in a box of fresh mangoes, even if they are the same refrigerated items.
・If you purchase mangoes and other items in the same cart, the order will be canceled later. All items included in the same order will not be shipped, so we will ask you to place your order again.
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Indian mango season!
Kesar mango is one of the most popular mango varieties in India. You can enjoy the rich sweetness with the bright orange (saffron color) flesh. Delicious mangoes that are sure to satisfy!

One box of Kesar Mango Small Case contains approximately 5-8 pieces.
*Free shipping for small cases when you buy 2 or more boxes! (In case of same delivery address)

*This is a fresh refrigerated product. *Items will be shipped separately from room-temperature items and frozen items.。

How to eat mango

97020 Fresh Mango Kesar (Small Case)Indian Mangoes


◆◆Please purchase mangoes individually◆◆

This product is stored in a different warehouse than other fresh products. If you pay with the same cart, your order will be canceled.

Mangoes will be delivered fresh and refrigerated (2-10 degrees).
This is a perishable product and will be shipped immediately. We may not be able to fulfill your request for delivery several days later.

Fresh products may lose some weight after being shipped from India until they are delivered to you. Thank you for your understanding.


原産国, India
原材料, Fresh Mango
配送方法, Refrigerated delivery / Fresh Cool item (Sagawa Express)

*Other fresh products cannot be bundled with fresh mango boxes*
* Cannot be bundled with normal temperature products (dry items) or frozen products.
*This is a perishable product, so it will be shipped immediately. We may not be able to specify a delivery date.
*Purchases made before 9 a.m. will be shipped the same day. (Excluding Sundays and holidays.) Delivery will be made 1 to 3 days after shipment, depending on the region.
*The storage period at the shipping company is 4 days including the first delivery date.


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