(Ambika) Tea Masala (Chai Spice) 100g

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Ambika Tea Masala is a mix of whole spices, which is added to milk tea to make it more flavorful. This Best Homemade Tea Masala recipe is a blend of various spices which gives the Masala tea a unique flavor. A cup of masala tea is lot more interesting, especially on cold winter days and wet monsoon ones. The tea Masala is the secret behind making the perfect Masala Chai.

Why Ambika
Ambika Tea Masala is made from premium quality whole spices which are rich in essential oils. It is hygienically packed, unadulterated, free from artificial color, flavor and preservatives. It gives an authentic Indian taste.

Where to use
Ambika Tea Masala is a dash of blended and roasted Indian spices which when added to your tea makes it taste better than normal milk teas.

Ambika tea Masala freshens mind and spirit due to its amazing flavor.


原産国, インド
原材料, しょうが、黒こしょう、グリーンカルダモン、シナモン、ナツメグ、ベイリーフ、ヒハツ、ブラックカルダモン、クローブ
原材料に含まれるアレルギー物質, 原材料に含まれるアレルギー物質 (28品目中):該当なし
保存方法, 直射日光・高温多湿を避け涼しいところで保管して下さい。開封後はしっかり密閉保管の上お早めにご利用下さい。

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