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About Ambika points

We would like to introduce you to Ambika Points, which will help you enjoy shopping at even better prices.

How to use Ambika points

Step 1: Register now for free!

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Step 2: Shop now

Add products to your shopping cart and enjoy shopping.

Step 3: Start earning points

Earn points with every purchase. You will earn 1 point for every 100 yen (excluding tax) purchased.

Step 4: Point exchange

Earned points can be used like cash at

Ambika Points Program Terms and Conditions
The Ambika Points Program (the "Program") is a program owned and operated by that allows customers with a valid account to shop at will be provided at the time of purchase. The terms of this program (hereinafter referred to as the "Program Terms") are set forth below. Registration By participating in the Program, you will be able to earn Ambika Points in accordance with the Program Terms and Conditions and also have access to unused Points. To earn points on purchases, you must have an active account and make purchases using that account. By continuing to use your account and participating in the Program, you agree to abide by the most current version of these Program Terms (as posted from time to time on We may change these Terms from time to time, so please keep up to date with them. Make sure to log in to your account to earn Ambika Points on your purchases.

Earn Ambika Points
By creating an account, you are entitled to earn points and will be able to earn points automatically. You will receive 1 point for every 100 yen (excluding consumption tax, shipping, etc.) purchased per order. Points are provided and the ability to earn and exchange points is limited to customers of this site.

Ambika points account
We reserve the right to monitor all point activity in your account and to adjust the number of points displayed in your account if we determine, in our reasonable discretion, that the number of points displayed is incorrect. We also reserve the right to cancel, refund, or return your order and revoke all unconfirmed or available Points and record any account that we deem to be indicative of fraudulent, abusive, illegal, or otherwise suspicious activity. We also reserve the right to cancel or freeze unconfirmed points and available points.

Ambika Points have no intrinsic value, are not cash equivalents and cannot be exchanged for cash. Ambika Points are void if the earning or redemption of Ambika Points is prohibited by law.

Ambika Points are neither cash nor currency, are non-transferable, cannot be credited to your account, and cannot be exchanged for cash.

Point expiration date
Ambika Points are valid for one year from the date of your order unless you purchase a product again from that Points account. If you purchase again, the validity of your Ambika Points will be extended by one year. Expired Ambika Points will not be reinstated.

Redeem points
To take advantage of Ambika Points discounts, you must have valid and sufficient points in your account. Ambika Points cannot be exchanged unless they are displayed as Available Points in your account. Unvested Ambika Points cannot be exchanged until they are vested. Redemption of Ambika Points is a final transaction and cannot be cancelled.

Program changes
We reserve the right to revise these Program Terms at any time without notice. The revisions include, but are not limited to, the rules for earning and redeeming Ambika Points, the Ambika Point expiration policy, and the products on which Ambika Points can be earned and redeemed.

Exiting the program
There is no end date set for this program (it may continue to exist until we decide to terminate it). However, we reserve the right to terminate all or part of the Program for any reason based solely on our discretion. In the event of termination, we will notify you by posting on our homepage or by other means that we deem appropriate based on our sole discretion.

Limitation of liability
1. The Company makes no warranties, express or implied, regarding Ambika Points. Please note that if your points do not function, your only recourse is to exchange them for equivalent Ambika Points and we will not be liable for any further liability.
2. If you cause damage to other members or third parties by using this service, you will resolve the matter at your own risk and expense, and our company will not be held responsible. I assume that.


1. About Ambika Points Program

What is Ambika Points Program?
This is our benefits program. We have provided Ambika Points to express our gratitude to our customers who have purchased products from us. Ambika Points are earned every time you purchase a product from our site. You can accumulate points until you get the item you want for free, or you can use points to pay for a portion of your order.

2. How to earn Ambika Points

How can I earn Ambika Points?
Earning points is easy! The steps to earn points are as follows.

  • 1) Create an account or log in if you already have one.

  • 2) When you make a purchase, you will automatically receive points (1x) equal to 1% of the purchase price (excluding tax) when you purchase a product eligible for point earning.

  • 3) Points will be reflected at checkout. If you use a coupon, etc., it will be credited to the price after use. Please be sure to enter the coupon code before checking out.

  • 4) Your order will be shipped.

  • 5) You will be able to use your points 5 to 21 days after placing your order. (The number of days it takes to receive points varies depending on the payment method and point acquisition method.)

Points cannot be transferred to another account. Therefore, please make sure that you are logged in to your account correctly when purchasing products.

How many Ambika Points can I earn on every purchase?

You will receive 1 point for every 100 yen (excluding tax) purchased on our website. Please note that, excluding the product price (excluding tax), shipping charges and other charges associated with the order are not included in the total amount for which points can be earned.

3. How to use Ambika points

How to use Ambika Points?

Points can be used like cash to purchase items you want on our website.

Before proceeding with the purchase procedure (before payment), please exchange your points for coupons and have them ready for use. There are 50, 100, 200, 500, and 1000 coupon types.You can use 1 coupon per purchase.

How to use points is as follows.

[Exchange points to coupons]

1) While logged in, click the "Ambika Points" button at the bottom left of the screen. You can check your available point balance.

2) "Get Rewards"in the tab"Exchange"Coupons with buttons displayed can be selected.

(Example: Select 100 yen coupon)

3) Points have been redeemed for coupons. Click on the green checkmark and a coupon code will be issued.

4) Click the "Copy" button to copy the issued coupon code. Also, please check that your point balance has changed.

5) Coupon code will be copied and"Copied"was displayed.

*Within the available point balanceCan be redeemed for multiple couponsis.

[Use the redeemed coupon]

A) Once you have finished shopping, please select a delivery time (optional) and proceed with the purchase process.

B) Paste the coupon code you copied into the input field labeled "Gift Card or Coupon Code."

C) After pasting the coupon code,"Apply"Click the button when it turns black.

D) The coupon has been applied and the total amount has changed.

Currently, Ambika Points can only be redeemed on our site and cannot be exchanged for cash. Additionally, points cannot be transferred to another account, so please make sure you are logged in to your account correctly when making a purchase.

How many Ambika Points do I need when making a purchase on

You can exchange your accumulated points for coupons in advance and use them in units of 1 coupon. The minimum usage unit is 50 coupons redeemable for 50 points. You can use points to get the products you want for free, and you can also combine points with other payment methods at checkout. For example, if the price of the item in your cart is 500 yen, you can cover the entire purchase price by using one 500 coupon. After points are exchanged, shipping charges for the item will be calculated. You can check your point balance by logging in to "Ambika Points" at the bottom left of the site screen.

Is there a limit to the number of Ambika Points that can be used for each purchase?

Points can be used in coupon units. There are 50, 100, 200, 500, and 1000 coupon types.You can use 1 coupon per purchase.

Please accumulate the fractional points up to the number of coupon redemptions and use them.

Do Ambika Points have an expiration date?

Points earned at the standard 1% (1x) on purchases expire after 1 year.