(Ambika) Chilli Powder Hot 500g

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Ambika Chili Powder Hot is lighter in color and very spicy (hot) in taste. Chilli when ripened and dried, becomes red chilli, which is further grounded to form red chilli powder.

Why Ambika
Ambika Chilli Powder Hot is made from premium quality whole red chillies. Aflatoxin level is below 10 ppb. It is hygienically packed free from any artificial color, flavor and preservatives. It is 100% natural and unadulterated.

Where to use
Chili Powder Hot is used liberally in almost every spicy Indian dish

Want the food to be extra spicy, add just a pinch of Ambika Chili Powder Hot

Also Known as
Lal Mirch powder, Mirchi powder


原産国, インド
原材料, 赤唐辛子
原材料に含まれるアレルギー物質, 原材料に含まれるアレルギー物質 (28品目中):該当なし
保存方法, 直射日光・高温多湿を避け涼しいところで保存し、開封後はお早めにご利用下さい。

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