(Ambika) Yellow Mustard Seed 50g

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Yellow Mustard seeds are dried yellow round seeds extracted from mustard plant of yellow cultivar. Yellow mustard seeds are mellow with less pungency, and have an initial floral sweetness to them.

Why Ambika
Ambika Yellow Mustard Seeds are sortex clean, hand picked sorted, hygienically packed and are free from artificial color, flavor and preservatives. It is 100% natural and unadulterated.

Where to use
Yellow mustard seeds are used to make vinaigrette dressings, marinades, pickles, and chutneys. Toast and cool, then combine with other Indian spices to make a curry or any other Indian cuisine. You can use it as dressing for potato, cucumber or chicken salad, and can also use it in rubs, marinades and sauces, or include it in curries and bean dishes

Yellow Mustard prevents mineral deficiency.

Also Known as
Pili Rai


原産国, インド
原材料, マスタードシード
原材料に含まれるアレルギー物質, 原材料に含まれるアレルギー物質 (28品目中):該当なし
保存方法, 直射日光・高温多湿を避け涼しいところで保管して下さい。開封後はしっかり密閉保管の上お早めにご利用下さい。

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