(Ambika) Anardana Seed 100g

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Ambika Anardana seeds are obtained by drying seeds of pomegranate in the sun, popularly used as souring agent.

Why Ambika
Ambika Anardana seeds are 100% natural and unadulterated, hand picked, sorted, hygienically packed free from artificial color, flavor and preservatives.

Where to use
Ambika Anardana seeds are added to curries, chutneys, dals and even desserts to give a tangy, sweet, slightly sour taste. These seeds add flavour to vegetables and tangy lamb and chicken dishes.

Want a tangy flavour in your dishes, just add few Ambika Anardana Seeds. Anardana seeds are rich in antioxidants.

Also Known as
Anar seeds, dried pomegranate seeds


原産国, インド
原材料, ザクロ

原材料に含まれるアレルギー物質 (28品目中): 該当なし
本製品工場では、小麦・そば・ごま・大豆・カシュ―ナッツ・アーモンド を含む製品を生産しています。

保存方法, 直射日光・高温多湿を避け涼しいところで保管して下さい。開封後はしっかり密閉保管の上お早めにご利用下さい。気温の高い時季・夏場は冷蔵庫で保管下さい。

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