South Indian Filter Coffee

Enjoy South Indian coffee!

Sep 07, 2022

I think many people say chai☕ when they think of finishing Indian food.

On the other hand,India is one of the world's leading coffee producing countries Did you know that it is?

Ambika's new products "South Indian Coffee (Premium Blend)" is a South Indian coffee blend of Arabica, Robusta, and chicory, mixed with smooth, frothy milk and sugar.traditional south indian coffee is.

madras coffee It is also called. (Madras is the former name of Chennai, Tamil Nadu)

Madras Coffee

We handle only high-quality specialty grade coffee from India and are a leader in third-wave coffee in India."Blue Tokai Coffee"A premium blend supervised by Ambika for South Indian coffee.

Even when mixed with milk and sugar, the flavor is reminiscent of cocoa nibs, roasted almonds, and toffee. (No actual flavor added)

The coffee grind "Medium fine grind" In addition to traditional South Indian filter coffee,As regular drip coffee It's delicious!


How to enjoy/extract: Basic☕ (Recommended amount of coffee per cup: 100ml)

① Extract 18g of coffee with 100ml of hot water to make strong coffee★

② Heat 35ml of milk and bring it to a boil (boiling while stirring to make it foamy will make it smooth), then add the desired amount of sugar.

③ Pour the milk from ② into the coffee in the cup ★★

★Coffee can be extracted not only with a special coffee filter but also with a paper drip. One tablespoon is approximately 6g.

★★ While pouring, lift the cup a little to let air in.

How to enjoy/extract: South Indian style☕ (Recommended amount of coffee per cup: 50ml)

*This method uses a filter, cup and saucer for South Indian filter coffee!

① Put 18g of coffee into the top of the filter and connect it to the parts below.

② Press the coffee lightly with the inner lid.

③ Slowly pour 100ml of hot water onto the top

④ Cover with a lid and let stand for at least 15 minutes until the extraction is complete ★

⑤ Warm the milk while waiting for extraction (please prepare 75ml to 150ml of milk per 50ml of coffee according to your preference)

⑥ Put 50ml of coffee and desired amount of sugar into a coffee cup.

⑦ Pour milk into cup ⑥. While pouring, remove from the cup and let it foam ★★

⑧ Pour the coffee alternately into the cup and saucer 3 to 4 times to make sure it foams well★★

⑨ Creamy, bitter and fragrant South Indian filter coffee is ready!

★Extraction using a special filter will proceed very slowly, so please be patient.

★★Steps ⑦ and ⑧ involve handling hot liquids, so keep an eye on your hands and concentrate.

☆If you add air in the same way when making chai, it will become more delicious.

■Please be careful

Coffee powder is finer than the medium grind used for regular drip coffee, and if you flush it as is, it may clog your drain. After brewing with the special filter, dispose of the coffee grounds in a paper filter, newspaper, non-woven filter, etc. before washing.

south indian coffee making

After all, Indian coffeeIndian sweets (mithai)goes well together! To accompany South Indian coffeegulab jamunorThey workis recommended.

Also,South Indian snacks (tiffan)is the menu of sin or IdliIt's perfect for closing♪

New products from Ambika brand"South Indian Coffee (Premium Blend)"Enjoy the charm of Indian coffee to the fullest☕

◇◆◇"BLUE TOKAI COFFEE"What is...◇◆◇

Founded in India in 2013, we are a coffee roaster that is leading the specialty coffee industry in India, with over 40 cafes across India.

As a roaster originating from a producing country, we are closely involved in the entire process from coffee bean production to roasting and serving.“We want to bring the charm of Indian coffee to the people of India.”Starting from a passionate desire,“We want to convey the charm of Indian coffee to customers around the world.”We expanded into Japan in 2021 with a new mission.

Tokaiis not a Japanese place name, but an ancient Malabar word."Peacock (tail) feathers", and is also used in the brand logo.

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