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Act on specified commercial transactions

Revised: July 1, 2021
Ambika Veg and Vegan Shop Online (hereinafter, “Service”) displays products as follows, based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions, Article 11 (Advertisements of Mail Order Sales).

Distributor : Ambika Corporation
Operations Manager : Sachin Hingarh
Location : Ambika House, 3-19-2 Kuramae, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Contact : Ambika Corporation
Ambika House, 3-19-2 Kuramae, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 111-0051 Japan
E-mail :
Tel : 03-5822-6655
Sales : Monday to Friday 10:00 to 17:00 / Saturday 10:00 to 13:00
Regular holiday : Sunday and public holidays

Regarding Sales Price
Items are sold at the price displayed on this website. However, due to frequent changes product purchase conditions, the price displayed on the website at the time of ordering, and the price displayed on the website at the time of billing may vary. The price displayed on the website at the time of ordering shall be determined as the price of the product.

Sales terms on alcohol products
· Under aged drinking is prohibited by law.
· We will not sell alcoholic products to customers unless we can identify them as 20 years old or above based on the date of birth provided when they register to our online shop.

■ License
Notification of licensing of liquor sales[浅法589]
Corporate Name : Ambika Corporation
Date of issue : June 28th, 2007
Condition of the license : Sales method of liquor is limited to retail (including online)

■ Liquor sales manager sign

Name and location of the point of sale Ambika Online Shop
Ambika House, 3-19-2, Kuramae, Taito-ku
Name of Liquor sales manager Oshiro Akiko
Date of attending training course for liquor sales September 14th, 2020
Assigned time till the next training course September 13, 2023
Name of the organization which provided the course Tokyo Retail Liquor Shops Association

Product Delivery
· As one of our eco-activities, we promotes recycling (re-use) of packaging material (cardboard boxes, paper bags, etc.) when shipping purchased products. Some packaging material may not look perfectly new, but we have paid careful attention to remove any unclean or unsanitary material, etc. Please be assured that the quality and freshness of the product itself has not been affected. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Delivery Charges
【Free shipping】
In order to deliver by the temperature zone of the purchase product, weDepending on the amount of purchase of the temperature band
If you exceed the purchase price below, we will be free shipping.

[Normal temperature] Order above 5,999 yen (including tax) or more
[Frozen items(-18°)]Order above 3,999 yen (including tax) or more
[Fresh items (10°)] Order above 2,999 yen (including tax) or more

※ Using points,Even if the purchase amount after point use is below the above amountFree shipping will apply.

※ Frozen and Fresh items will be shipped by Cool courier service.
※ Please note that if the package is more than one package, the arrival of the product may be before and after.

【Delivery fee】
If the purchase price is less than the above amount, the following shipping fee (tax included) will be received.
In the case of payment by cash on delivery, please note that handling charge 330 yen (consumption tax included) will be covered by Ambika.


Delivery area Delivery fee Delivery days after shipment
Hokkaido Prefecture 1,210 yen 2days


Delivery area Delivery fee Delivery days after shipment
Aomori Prefecture 880 yen 2days
Akita Prefecture 880 yen 2days
Iwate Prefecture 880 yen 2days
Miyagi Prefecture 880 yen 1day
Yamagata Prefecture 880 yen 1day
Fukushima Prefecture 880 yen 1day


Delivery area Delivery fee Delivery days after shipment
Ibaraki Prefecture 880 yen 1day
Tochigi Prefecture 880 yen 1day
Gunma Prefecture 880 yen 1day
Saitama Prefecture 880 yen 1day
Chiba Prefecture 880 yen 1day
Kanagawa Prefecture 880 yen 1day
Tokyo Prefecture 880 yen 1day
Yamanashi Prefecture 880 yen 1day


Delivery area Delivery fee Delivery days after shipment
Niigata Prefecture 880 yen 1day
Nagano Prefecture 880 yen 1day


Delivery area Delivery fee Delivery days after shipment
Shizuoka Prefecture 880 yen 1day
Aichi prefecture 880 yen 1day
Mie Prefecture 880 yen 1day
Gifu Prefecture 880 yen 1day


Delivery area Delivery fee Delivery days after shipment
Toyama Prefecture 880 yen 1day
Ishikawa Prefecture 880 yen 1day
Fukui Prefecture 880 yen 1day


Delivery area Delivery fee Delivery days after shipment
Osaka Prefecture 880 yen 1day
Kyoto Prefecture 880 yen 1day
Shiga Prefecture 880 yen 1day
Nara Prefecture 880 yen 1day
Wakayama Prefecture 880 yen 1day
Hyogo prefecture 880 yen 1day


Delivery area Delivery fee Delivery days after shipment
Okayama Prefecture 1,210 yen 2days
Hiroshima Prefecture 1,210 yen 2days
Yamaguchi Prefecture 1,210 yen 2days
Tottori Prefecture 1,210 yen 2days
Shimane Prefecture 1,210 yen 2days


Delivery area Delivery fee Delivery days after shipment
Kagawa Prefecture 1,210 yen 2days
Tokushima Prefecture 1,210 yen 2days
Ehime Prefecture 1,210 yen 2days
Kochi Prefecture 1,210 yen 2days


Delivery area Delivery fee Delivery days after shipment
Fukuoka Prefecture 1,210 yen 2days
Saga Prefecture 1,210 yen 2days
Nagasaki Prefecture 1,210 yen 2day
Kumamoto Prefecture 1,210 yen 2days
Oita Prefecture 1,210 yen 2days
Miyazaki Prefecture 1,210 yen 2days
Kagoshima prefecture 1,210 yen 2days


Delivery area Delivery fee Delivery days after shipment
Okinawa Prefecture 1,760 yen 2-3days more

※ There is some exception depending on the municipalities. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
※ It may not be in time for the time of delivery somewhat due to traffic situation etc. Please note.

Product delivery time
Please specify the product deliver time displayed on this site and specify.

Application expiration date
Products that limit the sales period limited to the end date and time described on this site.

About payment method
Credit card, product cash on delivery

About returned goods / exchange
It can not be returned or exchanged as a principle of the nature of food. As an exception, it can be returned or exchanged under the following conditions only if there is a defect in the product or when a product different from the application content arrives. Even in this case, we can not return or exchange products with scratches and dirt at the product and customer's responsibility once used.

1 Within 2 days after arrival of product, please contact us from Inquiry form ,or email to
Returns and exchanges can not be accepted when the above application deadline has passed.
2 The shipping cost required for return / exchange will be borne by our company. However, for the shipping cost required for replacement, if you would like to ship to a destination different from purchasing the replacement product, you will be burdened with the customer.
3 We will notify you of the return destination if you contact the above contact information.

Terms of Use

Ambika Corporation (hereinafter, “Company”) operates an online shopping site (hereinafter, “Site”). To appropriately and smoothly conduct the service (hereinafter, “Service”) provided through the Site and to enable customers to use the Service enjoyably, the Company has established the following terms of use (hereinafter, “TOU”).

1. Definitions
1)“Users” is a general term that refers to customers who have agreed to the TOU; who have carried out user registration according to the methods and procedures specified by the Company and whose registration has been approved by the Company; and who then apply for and purchase products or other items which the Company presents and sells on the Site.

2)“Trademarks” is a general term that refers to the Company’s trademark, logo and trade name.

3) “Content” refers to the text, images, video, sound and other copyrighted material displayed on the Site.

4) “Affiliated companies” refers to companies with which the Company has concluded a business agreement for purpose of providing the Service.

2. Conditions of use
1) Based on the TOU and other individual agreements, customers may use the Service provided on the Site. However, user registration is necessary for customers to purchase products on the Site.

2)When customers require to delete user registration to company, customers shall inform their name, user ID and password by E-mail to Company shall unsubscribe as soon as confirm the said E-mail.

3) By using the Site, customers agree to comply with the provisions of the TOU and of other rules.

4)In using the Site, customers must observe the provisions of the TOU and of other rules. Should a customer violate any of those provisions, the Company may suspend the customer’s transactions and deny the customer future use of the Site.

5)Additional rules for using the Site’s Service may be established in the future. In such a case, agreeing to the rules will be a condition for continuing to use the Service.

6) The customer agrees in advance that the Company may provide the customer with product information and other information through e-mail, direct mail, fax and other means.

3. Copyrights
Copyrights for the trademarks and content presented on the Site belong to the Company, information providers or Affiliated companies.

4. Prohibited Actions
1) Carrying out any of the actions listed below when using the Site is prohibited. Should it be determined that a customer has carried out a prohibited action, the Company may terminate the customer’s use of the Site, discontinue the delivery of products applied for by the customer, and take other measures. Moreover, should the Company suffer damage from a prohibited action, it may demand compensation for the damage from the customer who committed the action.

· Pretending to be someone else
· Using the Site when your user rights have been suspended or if they were revoked in the past
· Entering false or mistaken information or omitting required information when applying to use the Site
· Failing to pay the company in the past
· Causing an obstacle or impediment to some other customer’s use of the Site
· A minor using the Site without parental approval
· Using the Site when living outside Japan
· Using the Site when you have previously violated the TOU or other rules established by the Company
· Committing some other act deemed inappropriate by the Company

2) At using the Site, it is prohibited to the below action(s). When the company find the customer doing the below action(s), should it be determined that the company may terminate the customer’s use of the Site, disenroll the user’s registration and discontinue the delivery of products applied for by the customer. Moreover, should the Company suffer damage from a prohibited action, it may demand compensation for the damage from the customer who committed the action.

· Acting that affecting the company or cooperating companies from the work in execution or technically
· Violating other customers from using the site, or obstacle actions, other inadequate actions judged by the company.
· Infringing a copyright, trademark right, design right, patent right or other intellectual property right, or the portrait rights, publicity rights or any other right, of the Company, an Affiliated company, or some other legitimate rights holder
· Violating a law or ordinance or committing an offence against public order and morals
· Committing or abetting a criminal act or suggesting doing so
· Committing some other act deemed inappropriate by the Company

5. Handling of Personal Information
1)Personal information provided by customers will be used by the Company for the following purposes:
· To sell products, etc., of the Company and of third parties
· To ship and deliver products
· To bill for payments
· To review use of the Site
· To manage customer information
· To advertise and publicise products, etc., of the Company and of third parties (including the sending of e-mail and of leaflets and other direct mail)
· To provide information necessary for operation of the Site
· To carry out sales campaigns, notify prize winners, ship prizes
· To conduct questionnaires
· To provide support for products and services and deal with enquiries
· To conduct marketing activities, including person-to-person sales
· To analyse marketing research and statistics
· To develop and improve the Company’s products and services
· To maintain the Site’s system and deal with any problems with it
· To simplify customer registration and the other operations involved when customers who have provided personal information use other services provided by the Company
· To perform operations, involving the handling of personal information, that are entrusted to the Company by Affiliated companies, etc.
· To exercise rights and perform duties stipulated in contracts or in laws, ordinances, etc.
· To achieve other purposes established for the Company’s services
· To carry out other communications and notifications, manage customer relations, send related materials, etc.

2) The Company appropriately protects personal information according to the Privacy Policy which it has established. In using personal information, it will not go beyond the purposes of use about which it provides notification when personal information is entrusted to it. Should the need arise to use personal information for some other purpose, the Company will notify the customer in advance. However, this shall not apply in the following situations.

· The customer’s consent was obtained or the customer’s consent has been obtained in advance.
· Using the personal information is urgently necessary to protect the customer’s life, person or assets.
· Using the personal information is especially necessary to improve public health or to promote the healthy development of children, and the customer’s consent cannot readily be obtained.
· Disclosure of the personal information is required by law or is requested in a criminal investigation or some other legal procedure.
· An enquiry based on a legitimate reason is received from a public agency.
· The Company subcontracts all or part of its operations to a third party.
·Using the personal information without notification is permitted under the Personal Information Protection Law or some other law or ordinance.

6. Revision of the TOU The Company may, at its own discretion, revise the TOU and other rules. Such revisions will go into effect by being posted on the Site. The revisions shall thereafter apply to use of the Site.

7. Disclaimer
The Company may, at its own discretion, change or discontinue part or all of the Services provided on the Site. In such a case, the Company shall not be liable for any damage that occurs to any customer as a result of such action. Moreover, the Company does not guarantee the veracity, accuracy, currency, usefulness, reliability or legality of the information provided for free on the Site, nor does it guarantee that this information does not infringe the rights of third parties. Furthermore, the Company shall not be liable for any damage that occurs to customers as a result of a system interruption, slowdown or stoppage, or a data loss or unauthorized access to data, caused by a problem with computers or communication lines, or for any other damage that occurs to customers in connection with the Site’s Services.

8. Governing Law and Agreed Jurisdiction
1) The TOU shall be governed by the law of Japan.
2) Should a dispute occur between a customer and the Company, they shall endeavour to resolve it in good faith. However, should a lawsuit become unavoidable, the Tokyo Summary Court or the Tokyo District Court shall be the court of the first instance with exclusive, agreed-upon jurisdiction over the case.

Privacy Policy

Implemented: 2003
Revised: July 01, 2021
Ambika Corporation
Hingarh Nitin, President

Ambika Corporation conducts a business aimed at providing the people of Japan with healthy, delicious food products, and high-quality food ingredients, produced in India. In conducting this business, the company considers appropriate handling of the personal information of customers and company employees to be a social responsibility. Therefore, we here declare that we will carry out the following efforts in order to fulfil that responsibility.

1. Definition of Personal Information
Personal information is information related to individuals, including customers and company employees, that can be used to identify those individuals, such as names, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and destination addresses.

2. Conditions of Use
When directly obtaining the personal information of customers and company employees, the company will specify the purposes for which the information will be used and then, after obtaining the individual’s consent, appropriately obtain and use the information. The company will also establish measures necessary to ensure that personal information is not be used for any other purpose. Moreover, should the company subcontract operations that involve personal information, it will ensure, contractually or by other means, that the subcontractor conducts the same appropriate management of personal information as the company and that the information is used within the bounds of the stated purposes.

3. Safe Management of Personal Information
To protect personal information, the company will manage it appropriately, and take any necessary preventive measures and corrective measures, so that no unauthorized access, leakage, loss or destruction of personal information occurs.

4. Observance of Laws, Government Guidelines, and Other Standards Related to Personal Information
The company will observe all laws, ordinances, government-issued guidelines, and other standards related to personal information.

5. Education for Protecting Personal Information
The company will inform all of its officers and employees about this Privacy Policy, and educate and enlighten them about the protection of personal information.

6. Enquiries about the Handling of Personal Information
Please contact the company with any enquiries about the handling of personal information (see contact information below). We will investigate the matter and then deal with it promptly and appropriately.

7. Revision of Privacy Policy
The company will review and change this Privacy Policy as appropriate, in response to any changes in the laws related to protecting personal information and in the social environment. Policy changes will always be posted on our website so as to be readily available to site users.

【Contact information】
Ambika Corporation
Ambika House, 3-19-2 Kuramae, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 111-0051 Japan
Business Hours: Monday to Friday 10:00 to 17:00 / Saturday 10:00 to 13:00
Closed: Sundays, holidays

Point system terms

We will introduce Ambika Point to enjoy more advantageous.

How to use Ambika Point

step 1: Free registration now!
Create an account or sign in.

Step 2:Shopping now
Add the product to your shopping cart and enjoy shopping.

Step 3: Point acquisition start
You can earn points each time you purchase.
It will be acquired one point per purchase price of 100 yen (excluding tax).

Step 4:Point exchange
The points acquired are available in as well as cash.

Ambika Point Program Condition

Ambika Point Program (hereinafter referred to as "this program") is a program owned and operated by and provided when you are shopping with, which is a program that has a valid account It will be done. The following factor of this program (hereinafter referred to as "this program term") is determined as follows. Registration If you participate in the program, you can earn Ambika points in accordance with this program terms and conditions, and you can use unused points. To get points at the time of product purchase, you need a valid account and you need to shop with that account. If your account is continuously used and joined this program, it has been agreed to comply with the latest version of this program term ( will be posted at any time). Since this condition may change this condition, you need to always know what its contents. Be sure to log in to your own account to get Ambika Point at the time of product purchase.

Acquisition of Ambika Point
If you create an account, you will be able to acquire points and automatically get points. I ordered one point per purchase amount of 100 yen (excluding shipping costs, excluding shipping costs). It is also limited to our customers to provide points to the point of viewing and replacing points. Retailers, wholesalers, companies that reserve for commercial purposes, and customers from customers for other retail targets are invalid and canceled.

Ambika point account
We reserve the right to monitor all point activities of your account and reserve the right to adjust the number of points when the number of display points of the customer account is incorrect if it is determined based on reasonable discretion. In addition to reserving the right to cancel your order, reserve the right to disable all of the indigree points or available points, and record scams, abuse, illegal activity or other signs of suspicious activities The right to erase or freeze the pre-defined point and availability points will be reserved. Ambika points do not have essential value and can not be replaced with cash, not cash equivalents. Ambika points are invalid if the Acquisition or Replacement of Ambika Point is prohibited.
Ambika points can not be transferred, not any of cash and currencies, and will not be deposited to your account, and no exchange with cash is permitted.

Point expiration date
The expiration date of Ambika Point will be 2 years from the date of earning. The expired Ambika point does not revive.

Point exchange
If you are using an Ambika point discount, an effective and sufficient point must be present in your account. You can not exchange Ambika points unless you are viewed as a available point in your account. Unfixed Ambika points can not be replaced until it is confirmed. The exchange of Ambika points is a definitive process and can not be canceled.

Program change
We reserve the right to revise this program terms as needed. The subjects of revision include, but are not limited to, the rules for acquiring and replacing Ambika points, policies for revoking Ambika points, and acquisition and exchange of Ambika points.

End of program
For this program, the end date is not set (it may survive until the fact that the Company to finish is determined). However, the Company reserves the right to end all or part of the program, regardless of the reason, all of the reasons. If finished, it will be posted on the website or will be notified by other methods that we considered appropriate based on your own discretion.

Responsibility limitation
1. We do not guarantee the Ambika point regardless of the explicit and implied. If the point does not work, please understand that the remedies to customers are limited to the exchange with the equivalent Ambika Point, and be better responsibilities.

2. If you use this service, you will solve your own responsibility and expense if you give damage to other members or third parties, and we will not be responsible for any It will be

1. About Ambita Point Program

What is Ambika Point Program?
→ Our benefit program. Ambika Point was prepared to thank customers who purchased products from our company.

Why is Ambika Point?
→ Ambika Point, every time you purchase the product from our site. You can also pay for points until you get free of charge, or you can pay some of your order.

2. How to acquire Ambika point

How can I get Ambika Point?
→ Point can be easily acquired! The procedure for acquiring points is as follows.
1) Create an account or log in.
2) If you shop, you will automatically grant a 1% point (1x) of the purchase price (excluding tax) when purchasing the product to be earned.
3) Points are reflected at the time of settlement. Please enter the number of points to use during settlement.
4) Order products will be shipped.
5) Points will be available 7 to 21 days after your order is placed. (The number of days it takes to grant points varies depending on the payment method and the rules for earning points). You cannot transfer points to other accounts. Therefore, make sure your account is correct when you log in.

How many points can I get at the time of purchase every time?
We will give you one point for each purchase price of 100 yen (excluding tax) at our site. In addition, frees for shipping and other orders is not included in the total amount to be acquired.

3. How to use Ambika Point

How do I use Ambika Point?
→ Points can be used to purchase the desired items on our site in the same way as cash. Please redeem your points for a coupon and prepare them before making a payment. The points can be used as follows.

[Exchange points for coupons]
1) While logged in, click the "Ambika Point" button at the bottom left of the screen. You can check the available point balance.
2) The "Redemption" button is displayed on the "Get Rewards" tab. Display coupons can be selected.
3) When points are redeemed for a coupon, a round green check mark will be displayed. Click it to issue a coupon code.
4) Click the "Copy" button to copy the issued coupon code. Also, please confirm that the point balance has changed.
5) The coupon code will be copied and "Copy" will be displayed.
* It is possible to redeem multiple coupon codes within the range of available point balance.

[Use redeemed coupon]
A) When you have finished shopping, select the specified delivery time (optional) and proceed to the purchase procedure.
B) Paste the copied coupon code in the input field labeled "Gift Card or Coupon Code".
C) After pasting the coupon code, click the "Apply" button when it turns black.
D) Coupons will be applied and the total amount will change, so please check before confirming payment.
Ambika points can only be used on our site and cannot be redeemed for cash. Also, points cannot be transferred to another account, so be sure to log in to your account correctly when purchasing products.

How many Ambika points do I need when purchasing at
→ You can redeem the points you have accumulated for coupons in advance and use them in units of 1 coupon. The minimum usage unit is 50 coupons that can be redeemed for 50 points. You can use points to get the products you want for free, or you can combine points with other payment methods at the time of payment. For example, if the product price in the cart is 500 yen, you can cover the entire purchase price by using one 500 coupon. After using the points, the shipping fee for the item will be added. You can check your point balance by logging in to "Ambika Points" at the bottom left of the site screen.

Is there a limit to the number of Ambika points that can be used with each purchase?
→ Points can be used in units of coupons. There are 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 types of coupons, and you can use one coupon for each purchase. Please use the fractional points by accumulating up to the number of coupons redeemed.

Do Ambika points have an expiration date?
→Points expire one year after the date of acquisition.

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