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【Important】How to redeem and apply Ambika Points

How to redeem and apply Ambika Points on New Ambika Veg & Vegan Shop Online.
You will earn Ambika Points at a rate of 1point for each ¥100 spent to purchase per order (excluding tax). 
*Point return rate may change in case of special campaign etc.

[When you can get points]
The points will be available about 1 to 3 weeks after your order placement.
The number of days take to earn points will vary depending on the payment method and point acquisition method.
Point for creating account → Immediately after registration
Placing order by Credit card payment → 1 week 
Placing order by Cash on delivery → 3 weeks

[Type of coupons]  **Please note that you can use 1 coupon for 1 order**
Fixed amount coupons (50, 100, 200, 500, 1000)
Flexible discount (you can set the points within your point balance)

Step 1 to 5 : How to redeem your points and get coupon code.
You need to get the coupon code before 'Go to purchase'.

Step 1
While logging in, please click the AMBIKA POINT button. You can see the coupons and your point balance.

Step 2
Select ’GET REWARD' (リワードを得る)' tab. You can redeem the coupon(s) with 'REDEEM' (引き換え) button on the right side.
     (Selecting ¥100 coupon for example)
point 1

Step 3
100 Ambika points get converted into ¥100 coupon. Then, click Green check mark and the coupon code is issued.
point 3

Step 4
Click the 'Copy' (コピーする) button and get the coupon code copied. Also, please confirm that the point balance has been changed.
point 4

Step 5
Please confirm the coupon code  is 'Copied' (コピー済).
point 5

* It is possible to redeem multiple coupons within the available point balance. However you can use 1 at 1 time.

Step A to D : How to apply the coupon.

Step A
After finishing shopping, please select the delivery time (optional) and click 'Go to purchase' (購入へ進む).

Step B
Please paste the copied coupon code in the entry field of ’Gift card or Coupon code’ (ギフトカードまたはクーポンコード).

Step C
After pasting the coupon code and confirm the color of 'Apply' (適用する) button changed to black, click the button.

Step D
The coupon applied and you can see the discount information and the change of total amount.

★Enjoy shopping on Ambika★

Ambika Veg & Vegan Shop Online


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