Gluten free roti

Gluten-free RRRoti! (recipe included)

Mar 02, 2023

Speaking of roti chapati, curry's best buddyWhole wheat flour (Atta)It is widely known that roti is made from gluten-free flour.
However, do you know about gluten-free roti made from millet (a general term for grains such as barnyard millet, foxtail millet, and millet) ? This time, we will introduce how to make Jowar Roti, Bajra Roti, and Ragi Roti. 
 Jowar Roti Roti made from Jowar Atta. Jowar flour is also known as sorghum flour, corn flour, and sorghum flour. *Purchase from here → Jawar Atta (Sorghum/Sorghum Flour)
jowar atta

Bajra Roti

Roti made with bajra flour (Bajra Atta).
Bajra flour is also known as pearl millet flour or pearl millet powder.
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bajra atta pearl millet

Ragi Roti
Roti made with ragi flour (Ragi atta).
In the state of Karnataka in southern India, it is widely known as Ragi Rotti. In the state of Sikkim and Nepal, where ragi flour is called kodo powder, there is also a recipe for a pancake-like dish called Kodo Ko Roti, which uses sugar instead of salt. When cooked, it turns a deep reddish brown color.
Ragi flour is also known as finger millet flour, finger millet powder, and kodo powder.
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kodo powder ragi

Ingredients for each roti
Jawar roti... Jawar flour, hot water, flour for rolling
Bajra roti... Bajra flour, hot water, salt, flour for rolling
Ragi roti... Ragi flour, hot water, salt, ghee or oil, flour for rolling
For 3 rotis, 1 cup flour and 3/4 cup hot water are required.

How to make the dough
① Boil water in a pot
② Once it boils, turn off the heat and add the flour (salt or sugar, ghee) and mix with chopsticks
③ Once it is mostly mixed, cover the pot and leave it for 5 minutes 
Once it has cooled down, knead thoroughly in a bowl or kneading board (board) for about 5 minutes until it is smooth
Adjust the mixture by adding a little flour or water (lukewarm) as needed

jowar roti
  ↑I use Jawar flour

How to make the dough, How to mix hot water with flour

 Put all the ingredients except hot water in a bowl or kneading board

 Add boiling water or lukewarm water little by little and mix with chopsticks

③ Mix mostly with chopsticks, and if it's too hot to touch with your hands, wait a while until it cools down
④ Knead thoroughly for about 5 minutes until smooth

*Add a little flour or water (lukewarm) as needed to adjust

bajra roti
  Use bajra flour

How to bake the dough
⑤ Take an amount for one sheet (about a little larger than a ping pong ball) and roll it out with a rolling pin (Berna) or by tapping it with your hands
⑥ Heat a frying pan and bake the rolled out dough over medium heat until it's done (
 *After about 10 seconds in the frying pan, turn it over once. When the dough starts to rise, press down  on that part with a cloth and move the air around to make it rise evenly. After that, flip it over and cook.
*A popular method for making jawar roti is to moisten the surface (only one side) with a wet cloth or a brush dipped in water.
*Gluten-free flour is more difficult to roll out than whole wheat atta, so roll it out with flour or slowly roll it out with your hands. If it is still difficult, try adding 1/2 cup whole wheat flour (atta) and water.

cook roti chapati
  ↑ Use jawar flour.

Kodo Ko Roti (ragi flour pancakes)
Ingredients (for 3 pancakes)
1 cup ragi flour, appropriate amount of hot water, 1/2 to 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 to 2 tablespoons ghee or butter (for baking)
① Add lukewarm water little by little to the bowl containing the flour and sugar and mix.
② Make a loose batter that is halfway between a pancake and a crepe, and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes.
③ Place a frying pan over medium heat and add ghee when it is warm.
④ Once the ghee has melted, spread the batter thinly on the pan (you can cover it with a lid).
⑤ Flip it over when the color of the outside of the dough has changed and it is cooked enough to be flipped over
⑥Once cooked on both sides, it's done! Enjoy with curry, pickle (achar) and chutney

kodo ko roti ragi
You can enjoy the taste and flavor of each grain.
If you want to incorporate gluten-free into your life, if you want to deepen your dosti over roti with friends, if you want to recreate the taste of something you had while traveling... please give it a try!

gluten free roti chapati
If you apply ghee or butter immediately after cooking, it will stay soft

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