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Apology and notification regarding delay in awarding campaign points

Thank you for always shopping at Ambika Online Shop.

There has been a delay in the awarding of points to some customers for campaigns held in the past on our online shop.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Points for which the award was delayed will be awarded after changing the schedule as follows.

◆Target campaign:
・5x points campaign from August 18th to 31st, 2023

◆Original schedule:
Credit card payment - Approximately 1 week after payment
Cash on delivery payment -  Approximately 3 weeks after payment

◆Changed schedule:
Bonus points will be awarded until October 12, 2023 (Thu).
*Currently, we are only giving you 1x the normal points.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we kindly ask you to wait until the presentation date.

Ambika Online Shop

*This campaign has ended.
[campaign has ended] Ambika 25th anniversary point x5 campaign!

◆Online shop only◆
Commemorating the 25th anniversary of Ambika (August 26th)
Ambika online shop limited campaign!

Shopping during the period...
\ \You get x5 Ambika points! ! / /

◆ Period: Shopping from Fri, August 18, 2023 to Thu, August 31, 2023
◆ Contents: Shopping for all products at Ambika Online Shop
* Usually, you will receive 1 point for every 100 yen purchase, but during the campaign period, you will receive 5 points for every 100 yen purchase.

Ambika 25th anniversary point 5x campaign!
Earn more points than usual!
Let's go shopping♪

[campaign has ended] WEB only campaign
Buy Indian rice and get sambal masala at half price♪
If you buy Indian rice, Ambika Sambal Masala is half price♪


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